OpenSpecimen- A Bio-Bank Management Tool

OpenSpecimen is a Biospecimen Information Management System that is a scalable solution for a biorepository which meets the needs of a broad group of investigators and biobanks. 


Incase you missed it: View the slides and video from our July 21, 2021 presentation.


At Johns Hopkins, OpenSpecimen is currently used in multiple departments, including several Precision Medicine Centers of Excellence (PMCOE).

Watch the presentation below to learn about our services.

We Offer

  • Annotation of research and clinical data
  • Specimen Information Interfaced with Precision Medicine
  • Query capability
  • Specimen and Derivative Tracking
  • Specimen Event Tracking
  • Epic Patient Lookup-Enabled
  • Bulk Load Capability for Legacy Data
  • Security (Enterprise Servers/JHED Login)
  • Open Source with strong user community
  • Extensible Architecture for Future Interfaces
  • Considered a “Tier A” best practice for storing biospecimen metadata including PHI by the Data Trust’s Research Sub-council
  • Support from the ICTR



Explanation of Charges– April 2021

Fee Schedule – effective July 1, 2021


Annual Reports




OpenSpecimen Service Handout


If you are interested in using OpenSpecimen at Johns Hopkins, please contact Bob Lange at