Informatics Study Recruitment

The ICTR Informatics Core provides multiple tools and services for study recruitment.


These include:

  • With prior IRB approval, investigators may use SlicerDicer to get an identifiable list of patients for whom they have provided care who meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria for their study.


  • With IRB approval, the Core for Clinical Data Acquisition (CCDA) can provide investigators with a list of patients that meeting their study’s inclusion and exclusion criteria. SlicerDicer cannot be used if the investigator needs to recruit patients who they have not previously had a treating relationship or if the inclusion and exclusion criteria for their study is more complex than what can be accomplished using SlicerDicer. Read more:


  • Investigators can contact potential candidates via the Epic MyChart patient portal. Read more here.


  • Epic can be modified to alert the study team about patients who may be eligible for their study. For example, Epic can be programmed with a best practice advisory (BPA) decision support rule which sends a message to the study team when a patient is detected as being a candidate for their study. Examples of triggers that have been built in the past are patients who are admitted to the ED that meet a certain set of criteria, or who have a lab result that is in a desired range. Read more:


For more general information about study recruitment, we recommend visiting our recruitment page.