EPIC for Research

The Epic Medical Record System has multiple features to support clinical research at Johns Hopkins.  The following functionality is pre-built and is available for immediate use:

  • An indication in the patient banner that a patient is on a research study
  • Ability to link an encounter to a study
  • Ability to associate an order with a study
  • Research order sets (New order sets require approval from the Research Order Set Evaluation (ROSE) Committee)
  • Research notes, which can be created by the study coordinator
  • Use of existing MyChart Questionnaires to collect patient reported outcomes
  • Inbox notification that a study participant is in a Johns Hopkins ED or has been admitted as an inpatient at Johns Hopkins
  • SlicerDicer for generating patient counts
  • Epic reports to support research
  • Scanned research consent forms in the Media tab

The Epic software can also be modified to meet the needs of specific studies.  These modifications can be done for the study by the PACE team with approval from the Epic Research Request Review Committee.

  • MyChart-based study recruitment
  • Logic (best practice advisories) to identify study candidates while the candidate is on the premises
  • Paging study team members to alert them to events of interest
  • MyStudy-specific data collection forms (smart forms, flowsheets)
  • New MyChart questionnaires for the collection of patient reported outcomes
  • New Epic reports
  • Extraction of data in Epic by the CCDA

You can find more information about Epic for Research at the following sites:

Epic Tips & Tricks for Research: https://livejohnshopkins.sharepoint.com/sites/epictraining/Research%20Tips%20and%20Tricks/Forms/AllItems.aspx

Epic Research Supplemental Training Materials