Epic Star Data Warehouse

The Star Data Warehouse is an analytical healthcare database that brings together Epic and non-Epic data, such as patient satisfaction information, in one simplified reporting database to vastly improve query ease and efficiency of data extraction for a key subset of data in Epic.
To learn more about the Star Data Warehouse implementation at Johns Hopkins Medicine, please visit the the JHM SDW website. Please note, this is an internal website, visible only on the Hopkins network.


  • Epic and non-Epic data in one place. Information from outside of Epic next to Epic data can be used to create reports that capture a wider spectrum of information about your organization.
  • Users with access to BusinessObjects tools, such as universes and cubes, don’t need to learn a new set of tools to create and run new reports on the Star Data Warehouse.
  • Compare clinical outcomes over a longer period of time. The data warehouse brings together key measures of patient care to help you complete longitudinal studies and improve patient care.


Healthcare Data Model

The Data Warehouse standard data model includes many key measures for patient care and financial health (see above). In addition, the Warehouse can store external data, such as patient satisfaction surveys and paid claims, with Epic measures such as immunizations and orders.

The Star Data Warehouse features a comprehensive data dictionary. This information is available via the web-based Console that allows access to table descriptions, technical details, and data source information to help report writers better understand the data and create reports.

Pre-Built Tools

The Star Data Warehouse offers pre-built BusinessObjects universes and billing cubes. These tools can be used to create reports to represent the data that the Star Data Warehouse contains.

Available Data

  • Admissions & Visits
  • Demographics
  • Providers & Departments
  • Patient Registries for those already built in Epic
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Lab Results
  • Diagnoses
  • Flowsheets
  • Procedures
  • Accounts
  • Transactions
  • Coverages
  • DRGs


More Information

Additional information regarding the Star Data Warehouse is available on the Epic UserWeb including a downloadable HTML format entity relationship diagram.