Biostatistics Program

All Clinical Research Unit protocols are reviewed by a member of the Biostatistics Core prior to approval.

Discussing your project with a member of our staff is strongly encouraged for all investigators who do not already have biostatistical support as part of their funded protocols.

Complimentary Consultation

In conjunction with the Biostatistics Center, ICTR offers researchers access to a research-related consulting service. The goal of the service is to promote the appropriate use of biostatistics in the design, implementation, and interpretation of clinical and translational research studies. JHU faculty with primary appointments can receive a maximum of 5 hours of free support per clinical and translational research project through the ICTR. Consultants can assist with: research study design, design of data collection systems and instruments, data entry and validation, data management and quality assurance, statistical analysis and data interpretation, and professional and scientific report-writing.

Fee for Service Basis

Once projects obtain independent funding, services will be provided on a fee-for-service basis. The goal of these consultations is to advise and educate the researcher by enabling him or her to both design and execute well-constructed studies and analyze the study data collected.

Time Frame

Please contact the Biostatistics Center as early as possible before your deadlines and with an awareness of the following guidelines:

  • Abstracts: The Center generally needs at least one month. Ideally, we hope you will give us two months or more. If it is less than one month before the deadline, we may be able to assist with some simple summary statistics; however we cannot guarantee more complicated analyses, such as multiple variable analyses.
  • Grants: The Center typically needs at least three weeks for new grant submissions. If it is a re-submission, we need at least two weeks to improve your score.
  • Manuscript Review: The Center requires a minimum of two weeks for manuscript reviews.

As the deadline approaches, the likelihood that we can provide helpful statistical support diminishes. On a case by case basis, The Biostatistics Center may decline requests that are too close to the deadline to provide anything useful.

Within 3-5 working days of receipt of a request, a consultant will be assigned and in contact with you to arrange an initial meeting. To request a consultation with the Biostatistics Center through Connection Request, click here.

Walk In Sessions

The Biostatistics Core also offers brief consultation through its walk-in consultation service. The walk-in session is designed to provide a quick evaluation of statistical issues concerning a clinical/translational research project to provide an answer during the consultation or to set up a subsequent appointment to work on the issues further.

East Baltimore Campus Walk-In Clinic

Tuesdays, 1:30- 2:30 pm (JHSPH, E-3143)
Wednesdays, 11 am- 12 pm (JHSPH, E-3531)
Thursdays 11 am- 12 pm (JHSPH, E3153)

Clinics are available to Johns Hopkins researchers (Faculty, Staff, Pre-MD, and Post Docs) with short (20-30 minute) questions regarding study design, statistical analysis, or statistical software.

The clinics are “first come, first serve.”

Bayview Campus Walk-In Clinic

Tuesdays, 1- 2 pm, (Bayview Campus, 301 Building, Rm 2202)
Fridays, 12- 1 pm (Bayview Campus, 301 Building, Rm 2202)

The clinics are “first come, first serve.”

The Bayview Clinic is manned by Drs. Nae-Yuh Wang ( and Dhananjay Vaidya (, and may be cancelled when they are out of office. Please email them to confirm clinic hours before coming by.

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