Data Management/Quantitative Methodologies

Our team provides resources for quantitative scholarship and services for researchers through biostatistics, epidemiology and research design and computational biology and medicine.

We follow best reproducible research practices when developing statistical products for our clinical and translational colleagues. This includes:

  • Preserving raw data and making modifications using syntax files so that changes are documented
  • Use of computer programs that integrate statistical code with word processing packages
  • Creating well documented ‘macros’ and memos that annotate the major analytical steps and scientific decisions made in collaboration with the investigator.

We maintain state of the art high performance computing systems allowing for parallelized processing across computing cores. In computational medicine, we provide expertise and assistance in agent-based microsimulations, dynamical systems modeling, pharmacodynamics and anatomical registration. In computational biology, we provide full computational support for whole genome sequencing, genome re-sequencing, exome sequencing, as well as statistical support for the analysis of data resulting these methodologies.

Biostatistics Program

Supports JU faculty by offering a maximum of 5 hours of free consultation per clinical and translational project.

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Center for Clinical Trials Study Design Consulting Service

Offers investigators an opportunity to discuss and formulate their research question about the design, conduct or analysis of data from clinical trials.

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Computational Biology Consulting Core

Provides analyses of sequencing data for a variety of genomics and other sequencing based experiments.

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Computational Genomics Consulting and Education

Established to integrate the work of basic scientists, statisticians and computer scientists.

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Computational Medicine Program

Serves investigators interested in mathematical modeling of complex biological systems in health and disease.

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