The program will assist investigators with:

  • The ethical, scientific and legal reasons for clinical trials registration and reporting
  • Which trials are required to be registered and the timelines
  • Tips, tricks and helpful content to improve the process
  • Up-to-date information on institutional and federal policies
  • Direct effort upon request (billable/hr.)

Please see the following publication, supported by the ICTR, detailing survey results of academic organizations:

Mayo-Wilson E, Heyward J, Keyes A, Reynolds J, White S, Atri N, Alexander C, Omar A, Ford DE, on behalf of the National Clinical Trials Registration and Results Reporting Taskforce Survey Subcommittee.  Clinical trial registration and reporting: A survey of academic organizations in the United States.  BMC Medicine. 2018;16:60.

On March 5, 2018 our Program presented Helping Research Teams Address New NIH Application Requirements Around Clinical Trials at Turner Auditorium to faculty and staff.  You may download the slides, or view the video.

On March 16, 2017 our program presented an updated ICTR Third Thursday information session incorporating the Final Rule. You may download the slides, or view the video.

You may also find this one-page handout helpful.

History of our Program
What to do for Investigators Leaving the Institution?
When Do I Register Clinical Trials?
How Do I Create a Account?
Why Register Clinical Trials?
Who Registers Clinical Trials (Responsible Party)?
What Studies to Register?
Submitting Results
Legacy and Terminated Studies
Clinical Trial Requirements for Grants and Contracts
What we do
NIH Definition of Clinical Trials
Publications and Helpful Links Administrators

Protocol Registration and Results System (PRS) Administrators have access to all records within an institutional account.  They create and modify user accounts, and assist users with all aspects of registration, updating and results reporting.  If you have any questions please use the information below to contact the appropriate Administrator.  We are here to help!