Research Participant Advocacy

Research Participant Advocacy (RPA) Program

  • The RPA serves as a resource to volunteers. Contact us for an independent witness to the consent process, to serve on the volunteers behalf in the case of a misunderstanding between the volunteer and study team, or to provide information about research in general or a specific protocol.
  • The Research Participant Advocacy Office provides consulting expertise on human subjects and regulatory issues, including IRB applications, the informed consent process, study feasibility and good clinical practice (GCP). Contact us for quick expert help.
  • The RPA reviews applications to the Clinical Research Unit to assure high standards for Human Subjects Protections. Call us to review your consent form, protocol or data and safety monitoring plan. Let us help you to prepare the best possible research plan.
  • The RPA is a training resource to investigators and their staff. Want to know how to administer the best consent? Do you need help with Good Clinical Practice (GCP’s)? Do you need to know how to report an unanticipated study event?  Do you have to assemble a Data Safety Monitoring Plan and don’t know how to do it?  The RPAs can help you with these and more.
  • The RPA develops programs to improve the research experience for volunteers
  • Click here for information about the parking option made available by the program
  • Click here for information about the volunteer appreciation stickers and pins program
  • Come visit our Research Participant Appreciation Banner in the CRU



Liz Martinez, RN, BSN, CCRC
Research Participant Advocate
410-614-6323 |

Frederick W. Luthardt, DBe, MA
Research Participant Advocate (JHMBC)
410-550-1850/410-502-2094 |