Pediatric Motion Analysis Laboratory

The Pediatric Motion Analysis Laboratory is available through the NBRU in the Kennedy Krieger Institute. The lab provides whole-body movement assessments that quantify discrete components of the mechanisms of movement and movement deficits and detect very small changes in performance over time or in response to treatment. Several techniques are used to quantify movement, including: three-dimensional tracking and reconstruction of movement kinematics, force plate recordings, recordings of muscle activity, and calculation of joint forces and torques.

The laboratory is equipped with an Optotrak motion measurement system (Northern Digital Inc.) with two infrared, 3-D position sensors. These sensors allow for tracking of infrared markers placed on the joints of the body, bilaterally. Using the Optotrak system, the Motion Analysis Laboratory can make very precise measurements of natural movements including but not limited to; walking, reaching , leg movements, hand movements and standing balance.

The laboratory houses two Kistler force plates, which allow for measurement of the forces exerted on the floor by a person standing, walking or running. In addition, equipment to record surface muscle activity (electromyography or EMG) is available. A custom treadmill allows for the control of the two legs independently (split-belt treadmill).

For more information call 443 923-2852.