Recruitment Conference 2016 Presentations

Breakout Sessions

Building Trust & Engaging Participants in the Entire Research Process
Ken Getz

Measuring the Impact of Recruitment Efforts (pdf)
Rhonda G. Kost

Digital Approaches that Work
Jennifer Creasman

Use of Mobile Devices to Engage Research Participants
Jason Kadrmas
Melissa Mueller

Practical Guidance on the Use of Social Media for Recruitment
Appendix A & B
Luke Gelinas

Creating Authentic Community-Academic Partnerships in Clinical Research:  Chicago Area Patient Centered Outcomes Research Network’s Patient and Clinician Advisory Committee (PCAC)
Doriane C. Miller

Recruitment and Retention Wrap Up
Lee Bone
Janice Bowie

From Clinical Trial Research to Reality: Recruitment, Retention, and Community-Engaged Research
Sherrie Flynt Wallington

Novel Research Recruitment Strategies
Stephen Juraschek

Social Media for Patient Recruitment (powerpoint)
Social Media for Patient Recruitment (pdf)
Facebook Guidelines and Best Practices
Sara E. Pierson

Using Digital Strategies to Promote Participation in Research
Recruitment and Retention Services at the CCTS
Participant Recruitment Strategies
Rose Kegler Hallam

Research Recruitment and Awareness through an Interactive Patient Care (IPC) System
Tara Abbott



ResearchMatch: Promoting the Completion of Research Studies Through Volunteer Engagement & Recruitment
Loretta Byrne, Leslie Boone, Lauren Mergen, Dianne Rosenberry, Shelby Epps, Jason Tan, Nik Nik Hassan, Chad Lightner, Paul Harris

Merging Multiple Recruitment Techniques for a Mixed Methods Study
Candace Brown

Effective Recruitment Strategies for Multi-Center, Chronic Kidney Disease Adherence Research
Andrea Goodman, Michelle Eakin, Cozumel Pruette, Susan Mendley, Shamir Tuchman, Tammy McLoughlin Brady, Barbara Fivush, Kristin Riekert

Comparing Methods of Results Dissemination of Community-Engaged Research Projects through Internet Platforms and In-Person Social Engagement
Faisal Ilyas, Joseph Real, De’Nisha Wilson, Cynthia Newbille, The Seventh District Health & Wellness Initiative, Elizabeth Prom-Wormley an Engaged Participant Recruitment Registry
Lisa Connally, Aalap Doshi, Anita Johnson, Kanchan Lota, Meghan Spiroff

The Benefit of Being There: Overcoming Recruitment Obstacles in the Sickle Community
Lydia Klinger, Mary Ellis-Madu, Kimberly Bradley

Successful Recruitment of Cancer Patients from an Urban Cancer Center
Laura Cartwright & Robin Matsuyama

Implementation of a Standardized Protocol to Contact Low‐Income Inner‐City Populations for
Community Based Research
Elizabeth Ruvalcaba, Angela Green, Shang‐En Chang, Cynthia S. Rand, Kristin A. Riekert, and Michelle N. Eakin

Recruiting Male Perpetrators of Partner Violence to Discuss Community-based Experiences in Baltimore
C.N. Holliday, S. Morse, N. Irvin, A. Green-Manning, M.R. Decker

A Commitment to More Inclusive Genetics Research on Alcoholism: Developing Strategies to Increase Recruitment of Diverse Groups
Cory R. Cummings, Karen G. Chartier, Priscilla Martinez, Katherine J. Karriker-Jaffe, Thomas K. Greenfield,  and J. Denise Burnette

How Can Community-Academic Partnerships Encourage Data-Driven Change Beyond Study Participation? Evaluating the Relationship Between Recruitment and Future Engagement of Survey Participants
Joseph Edward Real, De’Nisha Wilson, Cynthia Newbille, Faisal Ilyas and Elizabeth Prom-Wormley

Patient Recruitment: It’s More than Just a Flyer!
Paulette Kashiri, Rebecca Aycock, Alex Krist

Evaluating the Effectiveness of E-Strategies in Research Volunteer Enrollment
Kirsten Turnbull

Locally-Employed Study Staff Improve Study Recruitment and Retention: A Community Engagement Strategy in a Predominately Rural South Carolina County
Dana Burshell, Randal Davis , Melissa Sherman, Ramona Anderson, Horace Britton, Mary Brown, Lynn Glenn, Brian Kendall,Latasha Priester, Helen Sherman, Brenda Williams, Sam Cykert, Carolyn Jenkins

Need a Community Perspective? It’s in the CARDS!
Betty Kaiser, Gay Thomas, Deenah Givens and Cristina Johnson

HealthStreet: An Innovative Community Engagement Recruitment Effort
Lauren Light, Catherine Striley, Deepthi Varma, Evan Kwiatkowski, Linda Cottler