Participant Recruitment Consultation & Coaching

Our Consultation & Coaching Approach


We provide consultation and coaching on the recruitment and retention of diverse research participants using evidence based and ‘field tested’ methods. Staff offer advice and guidance to help investigators and research staff identify, address recruitment barriers, and achieve their recruitment goals.  To arrange a consultation submit a ICTR Connection Request

Our team of consultants have experience with technology and community-engaged driven recruitment approaches.  Below are examples of participant recruitment consultation and coaching cases.

Case Examples

  Technology Driven Recruitment 

The Recruitment & Retention Consultants helped a research team recruit adults with chronic kidney disease by collaborating with experts in the use of electronic health records for recruitment from the Center for Clinical Data Analytics. For more information, refer to the case example.    Technology Driven Recruitment: Kidney Disease Study

 Community-Engaged Recruitment

The Recruitment & Retention Consultation Program also connects researchers with potential study candidates in the community at health fairs, community events, and public meetings with organizations that will allow them to recruit. Recently, the team helped a research team recruit African-American and Latino older adults for a Glaucoma Screening Study. For more information, refer to the case study Community-Engaged Recruitment: Glaucoma Study