Translational Funding Opportunity: Move Research from Lab to Marketplace

Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures announces a call for applications for two translational funding opportunities designed to move promising research out of labs and into the marketplace.

Applications are due March 15.

Louis B. Thalheimer Fund for Translational Research

The Louis B. Thalheimer Fund provides seed funding for vital proof-of-concept and validation studies of valuable technologies at Johns Hopkins. Recipients are awarded $25,000 to $100,000 to conduct work over a period of up to nine months.

Please email completed applications to Hannah Jannarone at by midnight on March 15. To view the Request for Applications, go to

Cohen Translational Engineering Fund

The Cohen Translational Engineering Fund supports Johns Hopkins School of Medicine innovators working with Whiting School of Engineering faculty members who have disclosed research under a Whiting appointment.

Cohen funding underwrites the cost of three to four months of expenses totaling up to $40,000. Recipients have used this funding to cover a variety of critical needs related to prototype development, materials, supplies and graduate student stipends.

To qualify for the upcoming review period, faculty members must submit applications by Thursday, March 15. Other calls for applications will occur in May and October.

The online application includes a request for a description of your technology, a detailed work plan and budget. Apply now at