Pharmaceutical Enterprise Course (ME:208.708)

This course begins Sept 1st. Contact Takashi Tsukamoto for more information.

Pharmaceutical Enterprise is a discussion-driven and highly interactive course designed to provide students with greater insights into a range of topics related to the pharmaceutical enterprise. The course consists of seven modules, each of which begins with a pre-lecture discussion session proceeded by a lecture by an expert in the given subject, and post-lecture discussion session. This 3-segment format enables students to digest the topic thoroughly and gain in-depth knowledge through peer discussion and interaction with lecturers. The course is particularly suited for individuals interested to advance their career in the pharmaceutical sector.

Grades will be determined by class participation (50%) and one lecture report assignment (50%). No prior knowledge in drug discovery is required. This course is recommended for students in the 2nd or subsequent years of their graduate program, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty members. Blackboard will be used to communicate with students, share course materials, make announcements, submit assignments, and post grades.