ICTR in the News: Johns Hopkins Expert Available to Discuss the Science Behind Broccoli and Diabetes

The following article details work performed by ICTR researcher Jed Fahey.


Jed Fahey, assistant professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, is available to comment on new research showing that sulforaphane—a compound naturally found in broccoli—could potentially manage blood glucose levels in people with type II diabetes.

Out of a collection of 3,800 known drugs, researchers found that sulforaphane was the most promising potential treatment for type II diabetes. It was effective in decreasing glucose overproduction in lab-grown liver cells and was capable of turning off genes associated with type II diabetes in diabetic rats. When administered to humans in the form of concentrated broccoli extract in a 12-week clinical trial, the researchers found that the compound reduced fasting blood glucose levels in patients with uncontrolled type II diabetes.