Funding Opportunity: Johns Hopkins & Kaiser Permanente Research Collaboration Grant

The Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins Medicine Research Collaboration Committee is actively requesting research proposals to foster collaborative research between the two institutions and address complex and intriguing healthcare and clinical questions vexing our health systems.  Specifically, we are looking for research proposals that are aligned with both organizations’ strategies and present opportunities to prove the synergy of the Kaiser Permanente/Johns Hopkins collaboration.  We hope to identify and fund proposals that accomplish seminal research utilizing the unique capabilities that only two such organizations as Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins have.

Broadly, the goal is to support collaborative epidemiologic, health services and related clinical research to be conducted jointly by Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins researchers.  The review panel (the Kaiser Permanente/Johns Hopkins Research Collaboration Committee, “RCC”) will consider a wide array of research proposals ranging from analyzing EMR data, developing clinical research registries, implementing safety and quality improvement research projects and large collaborative studies, and conducting comparative effectiveness trials.  We hope to gradually build lasting infrastructure and efficient processes as we conduct each collaborative research project.  Of course, these proposals have limited funding (up to $75,000 for 12 months; non-renewable), so the goal is likely pilot work for larger and more complex research proposals later.

We are pleased to communicate with you about whether your project would work as a collaboration between Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins. For Johns Hopkins, you can start by emailing Daniel Ford For Kaiser Permanente, you can start with Michael Horberg (

2017 Request for Brief Applications

Brief Application Guidelines– Applications due March 10, 2017