Funding Opportunity: 2015 Nexus Awards

Nexus Award for Junior Investigators Seeking Imaging Support: Sponsored by the Biomarkers & Diagnostic Testing Translational Research Community

Diverging from a traditional pilot RFA, going forward the TRCs will use funds to help bolster pre-existing cores, centers or resources areas. This year, the Biomarkers and Diagnostic Testing TRC Leadership decided to provide funds for investigators at the instructor or assistant professor level, who wish to initiate pre-clinical or clinical studies that require preliminary in vivo imaging data for proof-of-concept research.Investigators may apply for up to $5K for pre-clinical and $15K for clinical studies to be conducted in Johns Hopkins research cores or centers. Use of facilities within the MRB Molecular Imaging Service Center or the PET Center are strongly encouraged. Examples of potential projects include those that require pre-clinical, namely, small animal MR, PET, SPECT, ultrasound, CT or optical imaging or human PET, SPECT and/or MR imaging. Large animal PET or SPECT studies will fall under the clinical category, depending on equipment and resources required.

View the RFA here: Nexus Award for Junior Investigators Seeking Imaging Support RFA

The short web-based application form appears on the ICTR Connection Request page, or may be directly accessed here: The short application form contains open ended questions, as well as a place to upload required documents. Applications are due on December 8 by 11:59pm.

Nexus Award for Epic and Other JH Data Sources: Co-Sponsored by the Behavioral, Social and Systems Science Translational Research Community

The Behavioral, Social and Systems Science Nexus Award Program has been designed to provide awardees with the funds required to work with an analyst in the Center for Clinical Data Analysis.

To view the RFA and application form, please visit:

All applications must be uploaded to the ICTR Connection request page by October 13, 2015.

Please direct any questions to the TRC program administrator, Kelly Crowley.