Event: Improving Long Term Outcomes Research

On Tuesday, March 14 from 10-11 AM in Tilghman Auditorium, Dale Needham, MD, PhD and his research team will present the many FREE resources for conducting clinical research, funded by his National Heart Lung and Blood Institute R24 national infrastructure grant.

This grant has created resources for clinical researchers conducting longitudinal follow-up studies, including:

  1. a database of common patient-reported and performance-based outcome measurements and standardized information about them;
  2. adaptable tools, templates, and manuals to maximize retention of research participants, including an interactive searchable database of >600 retention strategies; and
  3. a statistical tool to address “competing risk of mortality” when evaluating functional outcomes.

Dr. Needham and his research team will give a brief overview of the free resources available through the project’s website: www.improveLTO.com.  All study team members are encouraged to attend.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Dale Needham’s group at improveLTO@jhmi.edu or visit their site www.improveLTO.com.