Epic Update to “Candidate” Research Enrollment Status

Important information for all study team members

The “candidate” research study enrollment status, in the Clinical Research Management System (CRMS), is being changed from a pre-consent status to an active status. As requested by study teams, this will allow the association of orders and encounters to research studies prior to patients being consented or enrolled in the study. Patients who are listed with a “candidate” enrollment status for a study will now display the Research Active indicator in their patient header. Study teams whose studies are already configured to receive ‘Research Pt ED/IP Admission’ In Basket notifications will now receive notifications for study patients with a “candidate” status.


Here is an example of the Research Active indicator as seen in the patient header.



The following table describes how the CRMS Status drives the Epic Status and whether the Research Active indicator will display in the patient header.



Here is an example of the Research Pt ED/IP Admission In Basket notification.