Overview and Updates Workshop

The ICTR and the Office for Science and Innovation (OSI) are co-hosting a workshop to provide an overview of , Wednesday, December 14 from 12-1:00 pm at the School of Nursing, room 202.

Speakers, Dr. Nidhi Atri, M.D. and Anthony Keyes, MBA, PMP are Protocol Registration and Results System (PRS) Administrators for the JHU School of Medicine and will help familiarize current users, as well as those who may be registering new studies in the near future with the website and its functionality.  They will discuss features of, which includes topics ranging from overview and background to registration and reporting of results for clinical trials.

Attendees will learn:

  • WHY should clinical trials be registered?
  • WHO is responsible for registering a trial?
  • WHAT trials should be registered?
  • WHEN should a trial be registered?
  • WHAT trials require results reporting?
  • HOW to create an account?

Lunch is provided and the workshop will be recorded.

For more information download the information sheet.  To RSVP, email