Clinical Research Units: An Investigator’s Tool

The ICTR’s Clinical Research Units (CRUs) provide essential services to aid investigators and study teams in the execution of their clinical protocols.  The CRUs, located on both the East Baltimore and Bayview campus, offer outpatient space, nutritionists, biostatisticians and other resources. The Bayview campus, in particular, specializes in cardiovascular and overnight studies.

Dr. Ned Sacktor sought out the CRU while conducting his HIV dementia study.  Dr. Sacktor utilized the CRU’s outpatient rooms and nurses for phlebotomy and to record vital signs.  The CRU provided similar services to Dr. Elizabeth Ratchford in addition to performing EKGs and administering medication.

To deliver these resources, the ICTR employs a staff of experts trained to support the needs of researchers and study teams.  Dr. Ratchford expressed her appreciation of the nursing staff during her visits to the east Baltimore location. “They (ICTR) have an exceptional staff and all of the services have been terrific.  Mary De’Jarnette, in particular, is absolutely amazing.  She is professional, responsive, knowledgeable, courteous and has a remarkable rapport with the patients.” Members of the Research Nutrition staff; Diane Vizthum, Meghan Ames, Melissa Moser, Hong Brereton, Susan Oh and Bobbie Henry;  were acknowledged  in the Dome based on their experience in the areas of research, clinical work and nutritional needs.

Researchers seeking to access an array of services for their pilot studies and clinical trials are encouraged to consider the ICTRs Clinical Research Units.  For more information and to initiate the applications process, visit the following websites: