Apply for the CCDA Core Coins Award

The Center for Clinical Data Analysis (CCDA) assists investigators with access to data in Epic and other institutional databases, operating as a fee-for-service core with two hours per research project funded by the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR). The CCDA is staffed with experienced data analysts who assist with access to data while also helping researchers comply with Data Trust privacy and security regulations.

The CCDA is pleased to announce the award of $25,000 in Core Coins which will be distributed to faculty to allow junior researchers and unfunded study teams the opportunity to gain access to data to assess the feasibility of their research prior to submitting grant proposals and other funding requests. Core Coins funding is also available to study teams who wish to utilize Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools and methodologies to analyze clinical notes to support their research.

To apply for the CCDA Core Coins award, please submit an application via iLab: Junior researchers and
unfunded study team are eligible to receive the award, and applicants will be rated by the CCDA Core Coins review committee based on 5-point scale. Points will be awarded based on the:

  • Quality of the idea
  • Data Feasibility
  • Quality of the Applicant and Team
  • Impact

Half of the funding will support feasibility requests (about 18-19 requests at an average of 8 hours per request). The remaining half will support NLP projects (about 6 projects at an average of 24 hours per request).

All applications are due by October 1, 2018. Awards will be announced by October 26, 2018.

Awardees must agree to reference ICTR/CCDA in publications resulting from the CCDA service and must complete a post-project survey to indicate their satisfaction level with CCDA services.

All work funded with Core Coins must be completed by June 2019. Core Coins are not renewable, transferable or eligible for extension beyond this timeframe.

For questions, please contact Bonnie Woods, IT Senior Manager, CCDA at