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Access COVID-19 Clinical Data and View Projects Underway

To speed understanding of and treatments for COVID-19, researchers have initiated more than 90 projects in the National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C) Data Enclave, including projects examining associations between COVID-19 patient outcomes and social determinants of health. Institutions nationwide have contributed 2.9+ billion rows of COVID-19 data from approximately 475,729 COVID-19 positive patients to the N3C Data Enclave since it launched. Having access to a secure, centralized enclave of this magnitude allows research teams to study, probe and answer clinically important questions about COVID-19 that they could not have answered previously.

The N3C harnesses the extensive resources of the NCATS-funded Clinical and Translational Sciences Awards (CTSA) Program and its Center for Data to Health (CD2H), with overall stewardship from NCATS. The Center is taking multiple precautions for security and privacy to keep the harmonized data safe within NCATS’ protected cloud infrastructure. To access the data, researchers must meet a number of requirements and submit a Data Use Request for review by the N3C Data Access Committee. In addition, researchers requesting access to, or working within, the enclave are encouraged to assemble collaborative teams with diverse expertise in such areas as clinical research, statistical analysis and informatics to make the best use of the N3C Data Enclave.

Learn more about the N3C data and applying for access.