December 2020 Boost and Propel Awards

Application Deadline: 11:59 pm, Monday, December 21, 2020


BOOST and PROPEL are clinical research awards that award Clinical Research Unit (CRU) services, including research space, overnight beds, phlebotomy, specialized research nursing, and CRU-based imaging (i.e. DXA, CV core) to investigators, based on scientific merit. Grants are for one year with possible renewal based on study progress and achieving pre-determined milestones.


BOOST awards are for junior investigators, first-time R01 awardees, K awardees, and KL2 scholars to generate pilot data for a larger grant submission or to supplement research funds for the K project.


PROPEL awards are intended for established investigators who are performing early stage clinical trials, deep phenotyping studies, or studies that address Maryland health priorities and can augment resources of a funded project or provide resources for small pilot and feasibility studies.


All investigators must submit an application to a Johns Hopkins Institutional Review Board (IRB) before beginning the award application.

The application deadline is Monday, December 21, 2020 by 11:59 pm. Any Johns Hopkins University faculty member interested in funding for a new or ongoing clinical research project is eligible to apply.

Please review the full Request for Applications to see the complete list of required supporting documents.

For more information, please contact Shernice Madison at or


Request for Applications (pdf)
Submit Application (link to online form)
Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)
BOOST and PROPEL Award Information