Questions about the Community Engagement Consulting Service ?

1. What types of consultation is available?
Consultations are available for all aspects of a participatory research process. Some examples include:

  • Identifying partners to assist in community based project planning and implementation.
  • How to select topics that are relevant to community needs/interest
  • Establishing a community advisory board
  • How to develop intervention strategies that are appropriate for the community that you want to reach
  • How to hire and train community members as research staff
  • How to disseminate research findings to community groups
  • How to help develop grant proposals and peer-reviewed manuscripts describing a community-engaged research project

2. Who is eligible to receive consultation?
Consultations are available to Johns Hopkins faculty, staff, and students. Consultations are also available for community partners (that is, employees or members of community-based organizations, public agencies, etc.) who are engaged in or interested in a collaborative partnership with a Johns Hopkins-affiliated researcher.

3. What are the costs of this consultation?
The first three hours of consultation are provided free of charge. If the consultation requires additional time, a fee may be charged. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

4. Who will be providing the consultation?
Each consultation will be provided by at least two individuals—one researcher and one community representative. This will assure that multiple perspectives on the consultation request are provided.

5. How do I request a consultation?
If you are a faculty, staff, or student at Johns Hopkins, you can request a consultation through the ICTR Connection Request by accessing it from the left menu or going directly to When on the website, you will be asked to complete a short request form that describes the nature of your request, desired timeline for completion, and other information that will be useful for your consultants.

If you are a community member (that is not a faculty, staff, or student at Johns Hopkins), you can request a consultation by sending an email to Crystal Evans at or calling her at 410-550-2281. Ms. Evans will work with you to complete the request form that describes the nature of your request and desired timeline for completion.