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Henrietta Lacks Memorial Lecture: 100 Years of Henrietta Lacks

NOON – 1:00 PM


Please tune in Saturday, October 24 at noon, for a special one hour video screening of the Henrietta Lacks Memorial Lecture: 100 Years of Henrietta Lacks.

This year, the impact of coronavirus has significantly changed how we currently live, work and communicate as a community. 2020 also marks 100 years of celebrating the life of a remarkable woman, Mrs. Henrietta Lacks. During this challenging time of a world pandemic, honoring her extraordinary legacy is both timely and a testament to how we all need to strive for a better world, strengthen community trust and fulfill the promise of medicine.

As a tribute to Mrs. Lacks’ 100th birthday, we’ve assembled a cast of researchers and community members to discuss the impact of Henrietta Lacks and her cells in our past, present and future.


  • Members of the Lacks family
  • Dr. Gregg Semenza – 2019 Nobel Prize recipient of Physiology or Medicine
  • Dr. Sherita Hill Golden- Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Dr. Lisa Cooper- Director of the Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute
  • Recipients of the Urban Health Institute’s Henrietta Lacks Memorial Award and the Henrietta Lacks Dunbar Health Sciences Scholarship


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Thank you, Henrietta.



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The goal of the Henrietta Lacks Memorial Lecture series is to describe the reach and complexity, both biomedically and ethically, of the story of Henrietta Lacks and HeLa cells as well as to provide some insight into the past, present, and future of the conduct of clinical research. By honoring Mrs. Lacks and the positive global impact of HeLa cells through this lecture series, the ICTR hopes to acknowledge, thank and honor everyone who participates in the clinical research process.


October 24, 2020


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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