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COMING SOON! A comprehensive, stepwise resource for COVID-19 clinical research development and implementation. For urgent guidance, contact us at COVID19ResearchCtr@jhmi.edu


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CONTACT: Kim Kafka: COVID19ResearchCtr@jhmi.edu
Broadway Adult Outpatient CRU and Bayview CRU in the 301 Building see recovering COVID- patients for follow up. More information can be found here on the main ICTR CRU page

Access Participant Recruitment Resources

Explore COVID-19 Biorepositories

Explore COVID-19 Data Registries

Submit Research Plan to Clinical Research Coordinating Committee

The Committee prioritizes and coordinates COVID-19 research system-wide

Committee Website
Guidance on submitting research plan for Committee review


Submit form to COVID19ResearchCtr@jhmi.edu

Study Prioritization for Participants
Current recruitment priority ranking of active protocols

Access IRB COVID-19 Resources

Note: Outside single IRBs do not confer Johns Hopkins IRB approval

Access Office of Research Administration (ORA) Resources

ORA Website

Clinical Personnel Information

  • JHH – Request for Approval of Nursing Research
    (Form is available on IRB website under Additional Forms)
    Required for research involving staff resources from Johns Hopkins Health System (JHHS) Departments of Nursing, or for the inclusion of JHHS nursing staff as study participants 
  • Intrastaff Services
    For information about how to hire temporary clinical staff, contact Kim Kafka: COVID19ResearchCtr@jhmi.edu
  • Research Coordinator Support Services
    Learn about how ICTR can facilitate access to part-time research coordinators, and submit a Connection Request
  • Clinical Research Unit Clinical Staff
    Clinical Research Unit staff are available for research participant visits


Hospital Epidemiology & Infection Control

HEIC COVID-19 Clinical Resources