COVID-19 Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Coordinating Committee

We appreciate that many Johns Hopkins faculty and staff are using all of their knowledge and creativity to address this pandemic. At the same time, we need to recognize that those with the disease cannot be asked to be part of multiple protocols that are burdensome and duplicative.


Role of Committee

The rationale for coordinating COVID-19 clinical research include:

  • Risks to research staff and study participants during the pandemic.
  • Patients with COVID-19 are presenting to hospitals and facilities across the Johns Hopkins Health System.
  • Limits to the number of treatment trials we can support in terms of the number of patients with COVID-19 and resources needed to open clinical trials
  • Balance how Johns Hopkins contributes to national multi-center protocols as well as Johns Hopkins only protocols.
  • Prioritize which protocols will receive university resources for study start up including review by the IRB.
  • Prioritize supplies for non-essential resources such as PPE and reagent or specimen collection and transfer materials

We created a coordinating committee that reviews and prioritizes clinical research protocols assessing:

  • Natural history and outcomes of patients with COVID-19
  • Diagnostic tests for COVID-19
  • Treatment trials for patients with COVID-19
  • Requests for downstream basic science SARS-CoV-2 research questions

To help streamline the review and prioritization of COVID-19 related research, representatives from Johns Hopkins Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, the Office of Capital Region Research, the Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response, and the Office of Human Subjects Research will meet regularly to review requests for new COVID-19 related research and prioritize submissions. The IRB has formulated an Emergency Response IRB charged with the review of new protocols and changes in research for COVID-19 related research.


To Apply

Note: If this proposal concerns data analyses only, please apply to the CADRE Committee by clicking here.

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Members (including co-chairs)

Lauren Sauer, MS Jonathan Zenilman, MD
Megan Singleton, JD Noreen Hynes, MD, MPH
Robin Avery, MD Maureen Horton, MD
David Thomas, MD, MPH (co-chair) Richard Moore, MD
Richard Rothman, MD, PhD (co-chair) Mark Sulkowski, MD
Tamara Lotan, MD Craig Hendrix, MD
Gregory Kirk, MD, PhD, MPH Daniel Ford, MD, MPH
Stephanie Katz, MSN Noreen Hynes, MD, MPH
Jeremy Sugarman, MD VInciya Pandian, PhD, MBA, MSN, RN, ACNP-BC, FAAN
Janet Mighty, MBA Deborah Persaud, MD
Megan Ossing Bob Wise, MD
Bing Bingham, MD Daniel Brotman, MD


How to Contact Us

If you have questions for the committee, please contact:
Lauren Sauer, MS
Director of Operations for the Johns Hopkins Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response (CEPAR)
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine