COVID-19 Epic Resources, Research Specific Tip Sheets, and Research Home Dashboard Updates



Beginning Thursday, March 26, the Research Home Dashboard will include a bulletin to inform Research Coordinators about using video visits with research participants.

Two new tip sheets to assist Research Coordinators with video visits and a direct link to the COVID-19 Epic Training Portal page will also be available within the dashboard.

All Epic content related to the current COVID-19 outbreak is posted to the COVID-19 page of the Epic Training Portal, including the tip sheets related to research video visits. Each of the tip sheets can also be found by searching for ‘research video’ from the Epic Training Portal, in addition to being posted on each role’s page of the Epic Training Portal.

For questions, please contact Epic System Support at 410-614-3724 or submit a Help Desk ticket electronically right from Epic by clicking the Epic button> Help> Epic HelpDesk. Remember to include the IRB or CRMS number of your study for the fastest response time.


Epic Training Portal COVID-19 Page

Visit this page for all Epic related COVID-19 tip sheets, daily updates regarding system changes to Epic, and additional resources for telemedicine assistance. This page is not research specific and includes content for all Epic applications. The most current content is available here, making it a great resource to bookmark in these rapidly changing times. Starting tomorrow, a link to this site will be available directly from the Research Home Dashboard.

Each of the following tip sheets regarding video visits begin with resources to contact for difficulties with video equipment.

For equipment and hardware support questions, reach out to the Office of Telemedicine at 410-955-0664 or the Video Network Operations Center (VNOC) at 667-208-6100 or


Tip Sheets for Research Coordinators


Tip Sheet for Research Providers

Research Video Visit Dummy Codes – instructions for Research Providers who are compensated for their time by their study. The dummy codes created for research video visits keeps track of the length of the video visit time and instructs providers not to use LOS codes that may incur Pro Fee charges that could bill to a study.