COVID-19 and Data Research Evaluation (CADRE) Committee

The CADRE Committee guides investigators to the most efficient path for accessing data. The committee’s default position will be for investigators to receive data from existing registries whenever possible.


CADRE Approved Protocols

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Process to Access Data to Support COVID-19 Research

Investigators needing access to institutional data for Hopkins patients to conduct COVID-19 research must either come to a convened CADRE Review meeting or request a CADRE Review waiver. CADRE Review approval, or a waiver, is a required component of the IRB application. 

1. We recommend reviewing your study design by contacting the Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Data Management (BEAD) Core at or visit the Bloomberg School of Public Health Biostatistics Center.

2. To have your request reviewed by the CADRE Committee, fill out the CADRE Request Form and send to

3. Someone will reply to you within 1 business day to schedule your review. The CADRE Review committee meets Monday from 9- 10 am, Wednesday from 11 am- noon, and Friday from 9- 10 am. Review slots are 15 minutes in length and are an interactive session with the investigator via Zoom.

4. Whenever feasible, CADRE will recommend that the investigator use existing data sources such as the new JH-CROWN: The COVID Precision Medicine Analytics Platform (PMAP) Registry (JH-CROWN). Please note that the Epic COVID-19 dashboards and reports were designed for operational use and are generally not approved for research use.

5. After the CADRE review you will receive a letter documenting the CADRE review committee’s decision. If approved, please attach this letter in eIRB when submitting your protocol to the IRB.

6. Should you be approved to receive data from an institutional website, the investigator should work with the Core for Clinical Research Data Acquisition (CCDA) to draw up a data spec sheet which should also be attached in eIRB when submitting your protocol. This spec sheet will include your inclusion and exclusion criteria as well as a detailed list of data elements.

7. In order to streamline your IRB approval, studies which were approved to use JH-CROWN should use a special version of the eFormS entitled “eFormS for Secondary Use of Data/Specimens Related to COVID-19” which has partially completed sections related to the registry. That form is available here:

8. View information provided by the BEAD core regarding JH-CROWN:

JH-CROWN Registry and Biases

9. CADRE Review is waived under the following conditions:

      • The study has a pre-existing data set and is not asking for additional data
      • The study proposes a manual chart review of fewer than 20 patients
      • The study is only seeking aggregate counts from a manual chart review
      • The study proposal does not directly involve COVID-19

Process to Obtain JHHS Data for COVID-19 Related Research

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Rules of the Road

JH-CROWN is built from the experiences of patients, the documentation and care of providers and the skill and dedication of data scientists. We must recognize the contributions of everyone and be part of a collaborative learning community. In recognition of this resource, we expect everyone who utilizes the data to be part of a learning community dedicated to timely and impactful discovery that improves patient outcomes.

1. Any research team who utilizes the data has to propose a research question (independent and dependent variable) and post their plan for analysis on this website so that it is available to the Johns Hopkins community.

2. All teams need to abide by the requirement that data is analyzed within the SAFE Desktop and no data is downloaded or copied.

3. Teams must provide a three month progress report so that teams that are not making progress become known to other potential users.

4. All findings and results must be shared with the Hopkins COVID research community, including analytic software, derivative variables, parameter estimates, and manuscripts.

5. Teams should consult clinicians and data scientists listed on the JH-CROWN website who contributed to the COVID data resource design and collation. The contributions of all of them are expected to be recognized in publications.

6. All publications must include this statement:

The data utilized for this publication were part of the JH-CROWN: The COVID PMAP Registry which is based on the contribution of many patients and clinicians.


COVID-19 Clinical Advisors

Need help from a clinician with experience related to COVID-19, infectious disease, critical care medicine, and other disciplines relevant to COVID-19 research? See a list of clinicians who have volunteered to advise researchers studying COVID-19. View List.


COVID-19 Dashboard

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To Apply

View/Print CADRE Request Form

eFormS for Secondary Use of Data/Specimens Related to COVID-19 (available on the Institutional Review Board website)


How to Access Chesapeake Regional Information System for Our Patients (CRISP) Data for COVID-19 Research

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How to Access National COVID-19 Data for Research

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CADRE Members

Dr. Daniel Ford (co-chair) Dr. Christopher Chute (co-chair)
Dr. Brian Garibaldi Diana Gumas
Dr. Cheryl Himmelfarb Dr. Gregory Kirk
Dr. Jacky Jennings Dr. Scott Levin
Dr. Paul Nagy Dr. Scott L. Zeger
Dr. Stuart Ray Dr. Clare Rock
Dr. Gary Rosner Dr. David Thiemann
Bonnie Woods


CADRE Review Subcommittee Members

Dr. Stuart Ray (chair) Dr. Brian Garibaldi
Diana Gumas Carla Sproge
Dr. David Thiemann Bonnie Woods
Dr. Jacky Jennings


Research in Progress Meetings

In an effort to increase the JHM clinical research community’s knowledge and expertise in the analysis of this data we are starting a series of CADRE Research-in-Progress (CADRE RIP) virtual meetings.

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