Announcement from the Vice Dean for Clinical Investigation

June 30, 2020


Changes in Research Consent Scanning Workflow

I am writing to notify you of an important upcoming change in the research consent form scanning and Certificate of Confidentiality (COC) workflow process in our Epic electronic health record application.

Effective September 1, 2020 the Office of Clinical Research Billing Compliance (CRBC) will no longer be uploading the scanned clinical research consent documents in the Epic patient record or placing the COC flag in Epic. This will become the responsibility of the study team.

It is vital you identify and assign resources to support this required task. Clinical trials with a Prospective Reimbursement Analysis (PRA) must ensure a scanned copy of the consent is placed into the Epic electronic patient record. Lack of a consent document in Epic may delay patient care and protocol conduct.


Action Planning for September 1, 2020

Zoom sessions for the Epic “Integrated Scanning 100” course, reserved solely for study team staff, are available in July and August. The CRBC team will facilitate session scheduling and Epic security role assignment support.

Please select no more than (2) individuals associated with your study to attend the required training.  Please email the names of your assignees to the Office of Clinical Research Billing Compliance at CRBC staff will follow up with those individuals to schedule attendance.

Study team members or individuals in your patient registration intake area who have completed Epic “Integrated Scanning 100” training can continue to use this workflow without interruption to support studies. A concise visual guide to the scanning assignment process will be available at the Clinical Research Billing Compliance Resources (CRBC) website.

If you have additional questions about this change or support for staff registration please contact the Office of Clinical Research Billing Compliance directly at



Daniel E. Ford, MD, MPH
David M. Levine Professor of Medicine
Vice Dean for Clinical Investigation