Specimen Repositories


Study & PI
Non-Bronchoscopic Lavage (NB-BAL) for Intubated Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19 Infection

PI: Franco D’Alessio
Non-bronchoscopic lavage can safely allow repeated sampling of the alveolar space in intubated critically ill patients with COVID-19. The availability of these samples will enable studies to better understand the etiology of COVID-19 related respiratory failure, as well as to help guide development of therapeutics for this disease.
Acute Human Influenza Detection and Treatment in Healthcare Centers in the United States and Taiwan

PI: Richard Rothman
This study seeks to improve the detection and treatment of the influenza virus. However, this protocol has been recently amended to enable the collection of samples from all individuals who have acute respiratory symptoms, including individuals infected with SARS-CoV-2. Specimens gathered through this study will be used to evaluate new and innovative molecular based assays to better characterize factors associated with severe disease and advance earlier recognition of this disease.
Clinical Characterization Protocol for Severe Infectious Diseases (CCPSEI)

PI: Lauren Sauer
This enables the prospective collection of data and biological samples from participants infected with SARS CoV-2 virus. Information gathered from COVID-19 patients participating in this study will be invaluable in helping to understand the clinical features of patients with COVID-19 and in the analysis of downstream research questions specific to the clinical course of COVID-19, the development of medical countermeasures and diagnostic tests, and, basic biology questions associated with SARS-CoV-2. Adults and children may be enrolled in this study.
Qualification of Donors for Convalescent Plasma Collection

PI: Evan Bloch
The primary purpose of this protocol is to collect and subsequently test blood and saliva samples obtained from adults with a confirmed history of COVID-19 to identify and qualify donors for convalescent plasma collection that may be used in future research studies.
The Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Remnant Specimen Repository

PI: Lauren Sauer
This resource maintains a curated repository of specimens collected for clinical purposes from adults as well as children evaluated at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions for identification of suspected or confirmed COVID-19, which are no longer needed for clinical care. These samples will be used to support IRB-approved research projects, recruitment efforts into clinical trials, quality improvement projects, and pilot projects. This repository will serve as a complement to other approved repositories for use of clinical data.