Prevention Protocols for Ambulatory Patients


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Hopkins Opportunities for Participant Engagement (HOPE) Registry

PI: Daniel Ford, MD, MPH
Hopkins Opportunities for Participant Engagement (HOPE) Registry

If you are considering participation in research related to the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of COVID-19, please consider joining the HOPE Registry.

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Convalescent Plasma to Stem Coronavirus: A Randomized, Blinded Phase 2 Study Comparing the Efficacy and Safety Human Coronavirus Immune Plasma (HCIP) vs Control (SARS-CoV-2 Non- Immune Plasma) among Adults Exposed to COVID-19

PI: Shmuel Shoham
Closed to Enrollment

This study will assess the efficacy and safety of Human Coronavirus Immune Plasma (HCIP) as prophylaxis in adults following recent, close contact exposure to COVID-19 who have not yet themselves developed symptoms of infection, and are at a high risk for severe illness. Eligible subjects, which can include health care personnel with high risk exposure, will be randomized in a 1:1 ratio to receive either HCIP or control plasma.
Peginterferon Lambda-1a for the Prevention and Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 Infection: The PROTECT Study

PI: Mark Sulkowski
Closed to Enrollment

The PROTECT study is a prospective, randomized, blinded, controlled trial of two weekly subcutaneous injections of lambda interferon alpha-1a versus placebo. Study subjects are the non-hospitalized household contacts of individuals with confirmed COVID-19 infection who can be either negative (Prevention cohort) or positive (Treatment cohort) for SARS-CoV-2 at the time of study entry. All participants will be followed for an observation period of up to 10 weeks.
COVID-19 Investigational Vaccine Study (CIR 339) Astra Zeneca

PIs Anna Durbin MD and Kawsar Talaat, MD

Center for Immunization Research

Enroll:  410-955-7283 or Email