Nuts and Bolts of Community-Engaged Research

A free skill-building workshop that provides an introduction to community engaged research principles.

This workshop brings together faculty, staff, students, patients, community board members, health care professionals and anyone with an interest in community engaged research. We provide an introduction to community engaged research principles and offer the following skill building sessions:


Budgeting for Community Engagement in Research

What goes into developing a budget? From a researcher and community
perspective? How can community engagement be included into a research proposal?
When and how can researchers and community partners discuss budget concerns?


Understanding Research and the Contribution of Community Partners

What is research and how is it conducted? What skills/expertise do community
partners contribute at each stage of the research process? How can community partners translate their service on research project to marketable skills?


Power Sharing and Collaboration in Community Engaged Research

How can researchers and community partners share power?
What are the roles/expectations within the collaboration? What agreements and procedures
can be developed to promote equitable collaborations and power sharing?


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