Day at the Market

Day at the Market is an outreach and engagement program launched in 2016 at the Northeast Market.

This program aims to not only share health and wellness information, but to serve as a learning tool for being a better partner with the community, as a dissemination vehicle to return what they have learned to the community, and to bridge the gap between the local community and Johns Hopkins University.

Through our partnership with the University of Maryland Baltimore, we expanded the program to Lexington Market (located within one block of the University) and will bring health, nutrition, and exercise resources to the patrons. Our hope is that the individuals we interact with will receive pertinent educational materials, answers to questions from experts, and services or resources that will help them make positive behavioral changes for health.

Day at the Market is hosted at the Northeast Market located 2101 E. Monument Street on the second and last Wednesday of each month and at Lexington Market located 400 W. Lexington Street on the third Wednesday of each month.

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