Biomarkers and Diagnostic Testing

The Biomarkers and Diagnostic Tests community is led by Martin Pomper and Elizabeth Selvin.


Diagnostic imaging has become the cornerstone of patient evaluation and therapy for many medical conditions. While the opportunities for research in imaging are limitless, most of our research activities can be categorized into the broad areas of imaging in the assessment of pharmacological and therapeutic modifiers of disease; assessment of new imaging technologies and methods; and image guided therapy. ​Advances in imaging technology benefit society as a whole and as such this community strives to build and sustain collaborative working relationships with many JHU departments, centers, cores and institutes.

Likewise, the study of biomarkers has evolved rapidly in the progress of personalized medicine. The identification and validation of biomarkers in disease diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and prevention play an essential role in the genome era.

The Biomarkers and Diagnostic Testing community strives to increase the research capacity and career satisfaction of investigators in these areas of research by supporting investigators in the efficient attainment of translational milestones by providing guidance, resources, and feedback from the ICTR. The community accelerates research by providing rapid, targeted funding to address critical gaps in clinical and translational research via individual Nexus Awards, as well as philanthropic core awards. These efforts allow investigators to take clinical observations into the lab, test technologies and interventions in the clinical setting, and obtain data required to apply for a translationally focused R01. Related symposia and workshops provide teams with information about relevant resources, methods and regulatory processes.


About the Leaders:

Martin Pomper
Elizabeth Selvin