Behavioral, Social, and Systems Science Translational Research Community

The Behavioral, Social, and Systems Science community is lead by co-leaders Felicia Hill-Briggs and Jill Marsteller.


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The Behavioral, Social, and Systems Science (BSSS) community is designed to create an academic home and collaborative community for diverse scientists from across Johns Hopkins University who are conducting research in the areas of health and behavior, biopsychosocial interactions, social and cultural factors in health, health systems and health services, health IT, and methodologies.

The BSSS Community serves as a catalyst to stimulate highly innovative researchers and research programs that expand the translation and dissemination of this research, and facilitate new methodologies for solving current health systems, community, and population level challenges, through systematic interdisciplinary approaches.


About the Leaders:

Felicia Hill-Briggs
Jill Marsteller