Dianne Edwards, CCRA, BA

Dianne Edwards has been working in the field of Clinical Research for over 30 years. She spent more than 20 years working for the pharmaceutical industry and over 5 years working for large CROs and niche clinical research vendors prior to settling in on the site side. Ms. Edwards’ diverse clinical research experience spans the in-patient and out-patient setting, investigator-initiated to industry-sponsored research, single-center to multicenter studies, national and international research, Phase II to IV clinical trials in many different therapeutic areas. Dianne has made significant contributions to several NDAs and sNDAs, FDA briefing documents, other regulatory agency documents, and a number of clinical research process optimization and site management initiatives. Dianne currently serves on the Reading Hospital Research Advisory Council (a community-based hospital); The Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network Executive and Steering Committees (a multi-disciplinary academic clinical research network at Johns Hopkins and five affiliate health systems in MD, VA, PA and FL); and is initiating collaborations with her counterparts as part of AllSpire Health Partners (a consortium of seven healthcare systems in the PA, NJ, NY and MD area). Dianne holds a bachelor’s degree in biology, minor in psychology, and certification as a Clinical Research Associate.