Johns Hopkins Leadership

Adrian S. Dobs, MD, MHS
Network Director

John E. Niederhuber, MD
Network Co-Director

Channing Paller, MD (Oncology)
Associate Program Director

Jim Potter, BS (Informatics)
Associate Program Director

Romsai Tony Boonyasai, MD, MPH, FACP (Population Health)
Associate Program Director

Janet L. Mighty, BS Pharm, MBA
Pharmacy Support Services

Sandra Schaefer, BSN, RN, OCN (INOVA)
Network Coordinator

Melissa Gerstenhaber, RN, MAS, MSN, CCRC (AAMC)
Network Coordinator

Mary Ellen Alderfer, MSN (RHS)
Network Coordinator

Jackie Lobien, RN, BSN (CAPRES)
Network Coordinator

Robyn Hinke
Administrative Coordinator


Anne Arundel Leadership

Barry Meisenberg, MD
Medical Director, Geaton and JoAnn DeCesaris Cancer Institute
Chair of Quality Improvement and Health Systems Research, AAHS

John Moxley, MS, MHA, CCRP
Director, AAHS Research Institute

Stanley Watkins, MD
Medical Oncologist

Inova Health System Leadership

John E. Niederhuber, MD
Co-Director, Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network
Executive Vice President, Inova Health Systems
CEO, Inova Translational Medicine Institute
Adjunct Professor of Oncology and Surgery, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Professor, Department of Pubic Health Sciences, University of Virginia School of Medicine

Peninsula Regional Medical Center Leadership

Timothy Feist, MSW, MBA, FACHE
Vice President of Performance Improvement
Safety Officer, Peninsula Regional Medical Center

David Cowall, MD
Director of Oncology Research, Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute

Joan Mischtschuk, RN, MS
Executive Director of Cancer Services, Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute

Stephanie Cason, MS, RN
Cancer Research Coordinator
Interim network Coordinator

Reading Hospital/Tower Health Leadership

Mark Martens, MD, FACOG
Vice President of Academic Affairs & Chief Academic Officer

Mary Ellen “Ellie” Alderfer, MSN, RN, CNML
Network Coordinator

Allegheny Health Network Leadership

Kyle Bird, MHA
Director, Allegheny Health Network Research Institute

David S. Parda, MD, FACP
System Chair, Department of Oncology/Cancer Institute, IRB, Allegheny Health Network
Professor of Radiation Oncology, Temple University School of Medicine

Joseph M. Ahearn, MD
Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President for Research, Allegheny Singer Research Institute
Director, AHN Autoimmunity Institute

Thomas B. Julian, MD, FACS
Director of Breast Surgical Oncology, AHN Cancer Institute

Michael J. Passineau, PhD
Director of the Gene Therapy Program

Crystal Ross
Director of Oncology Program Development

Rich Scheuermann, BS
Project Manager for Oncology Research, AHN Research Institute