Information for Investigators

Welcome Investigators

Capitalize on a dynamic community of investigators, institutional collaborations, rapid access to industry-sponsored studies, and a diverse patient population.  The JHCRN is positioned to help you conduct studies, identify new research opportunities, and facilitate academic-community hospital collaborations.

Johns Hopkins University faculty interested in expanding their study outside of Hopkins to the JHCRN is encouraged to contact Dr. Adrian Dobs at, or to discuss how the network can assist Investigators with a letter of support and study conduct.

Once an Investigator decides to pursue collaboration with the network, a Network Coordinator will be assigned to the Investigator to be their primary point of contact.  The next step for the Investigator is to present their research to the JHCRN at the monthly JHCRN Clinical Investigators Committee meeting.  This meeting is held the second Tuesday from 8:30am – 10:00am in the Miller Research Building.  Participation in this meeting offers Investigators access to physician investigators and leaders from all of the JHCRN member sites.  The Network Coordinator will facilitate scheduling Investigator presentations.

Following the presentation of the study, the JHCRN Investigator Committee will formally vet the study for conduct through the network.   Once a study is vetted, the lead Network Coordinator will work with the affiliate site Network Coordinators to identify Site Investigators.

Investigator Registration

Investigators throughout the JHMI are encouraged to register with the JHCRN by completing the Investigator Information Registration Form.

By registering with the network, Investigators can be matched to industry-sponsored studies and to receive future communications regarding potential collaborations.  The JHCRN will not release Investigator contact information unless permission has been granted within the Investigator Information Registration Form.

The JHCRN has established disease-based working groups, which bring together physicians from JH and the affiliate sites. These working groups, which currently include oncology, neuropsychology, diabetes/endocrine, cardiovascular, and infectious disease/surgery/hospitalist are meant to foster hypothesis generation and to facilitate academic and community collaborations.  If you are interested in participating in one of the disease-based working groups please contact or note your interest on the Investigator Information Registration Form.

Peer Resources for Investigators

Leaders of the JHCRN serve as peer resources to aide investigators in navigating the JHCRN and it capabilities.  Please don’t hesitate to contact:

Adrian Dobs, MD, MHS – Director JHCRN

John E. Niederhuber, MD – Co-Director JHCRN

Adil Haider – JHCRN Associate Program Director, Surgical Services

Saman Nazarian – JHCRN Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine

Vered Stearns – JHCRN Associate Program Director, Oncology

Investigator Responsibilities

Just as each investigation is unique, so too are the responsibilities of an Investigator. To discuss the roles and responsibilities of an Investigator conducting a study through the JHCRN please contact a peer resource noted above or
Investigators seeking more information, click the links below.

Investigator Registration Form

JHCRN Brochure