Get Involved

Capitalize on a dynamic community of investigators, institutional collaborations, rapid access to industry-sponsored studies, and a diverse patient population.  The JHCRN is positioned to help you conduct studies, identify new research opportunities, and facilitate academic-community hospital collaborations. To find out how we can support you and your research goals, please contact us at

Johns Hopkins University faculty interested in expanding their study outside of Hopkins to the JHCRN are encouraged to contact Dr. Adrian Dobs. If from all other sites, as well as sponsors, please contact, or your institutions JHCRN network coordinator to discuss how we can assist you.

We currently have ongoing trials as well as the following opportunities to get involved:

  • Disease-based working groups – Discussion sessions with other investigators throughout the network that share similar research interests. Contact Melissa Gerstenhaber to learn more.
  • Pragmatic Research Network – Sensible research that can be adapted to any clinical practice.  Contact Daniel Lunz to learn more.

If you’re an investigator, and would like to learn about disease-based working groups, the pragmatic research network, collaboration opportunities, or find out how we can serve you, please complete the Investigator Information Registration Form.