Advantages of the JHCRN

The JHCRN provides a unique collaborative research infrastructure that enhances the flow of scientific information and expands the capacity to conduct clinical and translational research.  By providing an integrated approach, the network is positioned to foster research collaborations across the entire continuum of healthcare and to facilitate new research partnerships.  All members of the JHCRN have invested in Electronic Health Records, which facilitates access for patients and researchers alike.

  • Single Principal Investigator: A Johns Hopkins University faculty member will function as the Principal Investigator (PI) of a network study.  A “Site Investigator” is designated at the non-Hopkins network sites.  The “Site Investigator” is the point of contact for the Johns Hopkins PI and provides study oversight at their respective hospital. Visit the Information for Investigators page.
  • Single Point of Contracting: Johns Hopkins University acts as the prime contracting agent for all third party contracts on behalf of the JHCRN and its affiliated institutions/clinical investigators who are members of the network.
  • Single Institutional Review Board: The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Institutional Review Board (JHM IRB) has been designated as the IRB of record for all research conducted through the JHCRN.  Affiliate site Investigators and research staff have access to all JHM IRB approved study documents through access to the electronic IRB system.

**The JHCRN cannot use a Central IRB**

  • Single Research Informatics Database: The Johns Hopkins developed Clinical Research Management System (CRMS), a web-based data management system, is used by the JHCRN for the purposes of patient registry, scheduling, case report form reporting and other components of conducting clinical trials.
  • Dedicated, Experienced Personnel: Each member institution has a dedicated Network Coordinator who functions as the primary liaison between Johns Hopkins and his/her institution.  The Network Coordinator facilitates identification, prioritization and implementation of clinical trials.  Contact a Network Coordinator to discuss working with the JHCRN.  The JHCRN also has dedicated personnel to facilitate IRB submissions, Contract/Budget negotiations, and Study Coordination. 

JHCRN Brochure