Developing New Technologies to Profile the Human Gut Microbiome Among Colorectal Cancer Cases and Controls

Susan Hutfless, MS, PhD; Daniel Peterson, MD, PhD


We propose a translational research project to combine the intellectual momentum of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) and Johns Hopkins University to study the human intestinal microbiome with respect to colorectal dysplasia using a nested case-control design. We will examine 50 stool samples from cases of colorectal cancer, 50 stool samples from individuals with adenoma detected during colorectal cancer screening and 50 stool samples from individuals screened but without adenoma or cancer. Based on the sequencing results, we will work to pilot a new assay to help move microbiome studies from the lab to the bedside. The team will include Susan Hutfless, an epidemiologist trained at Johns Hopkins, Daniel Peterson, an immunopathologist trained in the Jeffrey Gordon laboratory at Washington University, St. Louis, Yanxin Luo, a gastroenterologist from SYSU’s 6th Hospital and two lab-based scientists from SYSU: Jun Hu and Zihuan Yang. We will use the results of sequencing analyses from these samples to develop a new assay with the potential to measure the microbiome in real-world settings such as colorectal cancer screening programs.