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Special Seminar-NEW LOCATION: Kathy Hudson – Proposed Revisions to the Common Rule – October 5

Genome Sequencing Aids in Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer

STUDY ADVANCES POTENTIAL OF TUMOR GENOME SEQUENCING AND DNA-BASED BLOOD TESTS IN PRECISION TREATMENT AND DETECTION OF PANCREATIC CANCER In a genome-sequencing study of pancreatic cancers and blood in 101 patients, Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center scientists say they found at least one-third of the patients’ tumors have genetic mutations that may someday help guide precision therapy of their disease. Results of blood tests to detect DNA shed from tumors, they say, also predicted cancer recurrence more than half a year earlier than standard imaging methods. “Pancreatic cancer has one of the highest death rates among cancer types. Many people … Continue reading

Malaria Immunization

A VACCINE ALTERNATIVE PROTECTS MICE AGAINST MALARIA –Vectored immunoprophylaxis (VIP) injection triggers creation of antibodies that prevent malaria in 70 percent of mice A study led by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health researchers found that injecting a vaccine-like compound into mice was effective in protecting them from malaria. The findings suggest a potential new path toward the elusive goal of malaria immunization. Mice injected with a virus genetically altered to help the rodents create an antibody designed to fight the malaria parasite produced high levels of the anti-malaria antibody. The approach, known as Vector immunoprophylaxis, or VIP, has … Continue reading