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Program Eligibility

In order to be eligible for consideration for the Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Scholars Program, applicants must meet each of the following criteria: Research or health-professional doctoral degree or equivalent, including but not limited to MD, DO, DDS, PhD, PharmD, PsyD, DPH; Epidemiologists, behavioral scientists and nurses with clinically relevant doctoral degrees are eligible as well.  A full-time faculty appointment (Instructor, Assistant Professor, Research Associate, or equivalent, for 5 years or fewer) at the Johns Hopkins Schools of Medicine, Public Health or Nursing by the date of receipt of the award. Postdoctoral clinical fellows with a pending faculty appointment are […]

2013 Scholars

Alicia Arbaje, MD, MPH Geriatric Medicine Mentor: Dr. Bruce Leff Research Interest(s): Diagnosis, Neonatal Infections, Developing Countries Azadeh Farzin, MD Neonatology, International Health Mentor: Dr. Abdullah Baqui Research Interest(s): Diagnosis, Neonatal Infections, Developing Countries Kiemanh Pham, MD, MPH Emergency Medicine Mentor: Dr. Nancy Glass Research Interest(s): Gender-Based Violence; Global Health; Health Information Systems; Refugee Health Darla Shores, MD Pediatric Gastroenterology Mentor: Dr. Kathleen Schwarz Research Interest(s): Quality Improvement, Nutrition, Intestinal Failure J. Webster Stayman, PhD Biomedical Engineering Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Siewerdsen Research Interest(s): Medical Imaging, Radiation Dose Reduction, Interventional Imaging Sallie Weaver, PhD Anesthesiology Mentor: Dr. Peter Pronovost Research Interest(s): […]

2011 Scholars

Jeanne Alhusen, PhD Nursing Andrew Braun, MD Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Martin Brodsky, PhD Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Charles Brown, MD Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine Andrea Dugas, MD Emergency Medicine Charles Haines, MD Infectious Disease Sapna Kudchadkar, MD Pediatric Anesthesiology Eleni Liapi, MD Radiology Henry Michtalik, MD General Internal Medicine Veronique Nussenblatt, MD, MHS Infectious Disease Babak Orandi, MD, MSc Surgery Sarah Polk, MD, ScM Adolescent Medicine Liana Rosenthal, MD Neurology Kimberley Steele, MD Surgery

2010 Scholars

Tammy Brady, MD, MHS Pediatric Nephrology Tyish Hall Brown, PhD Psychiatry Grace Chan, MD, MPH International Health Corinne Keet, MD Pediatric Allergy & Immunology Frederick Korley, MD Emergency Medicine Esther Oh, MD Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology Michael Rinke, MD Pediatric Quality and Safety Julia Scialla, MD, MHS Nephrology Eric Schafer, MD Pediatric Oncology Pranita Tamma, MD Pediatric Infectious Diseases Kyle Van Arendonk, MD General Surgery

2009 Scholars

Renata Arrington-Sanders, MD, MPH General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine Melania Bembea, MD, MPH Pediatric Anesthesia & Critical Care Medicine Wendy Bennett, MD, MPH General Internal Medicine Cristine Berry, MD Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Niranjan Bhat, MD Infectious Diseases Jacqueline Garonzik Wang Transplant Surgery Raquel Greer, MD, MPH General Internal Medicine Carlton Haywood, PhD, MA Hematology Erika Hedderick, MD Pediatric Neurology Justine Larson, MD, MPH Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Nisa Maruthur, MD, MHS General Internal Medicine Jennifer Price, MD Gastroenterology Maunank Shah, MD Infectious Diseases Michelle Sicard, MD Pediatric Gastroenterology Sonal Singh, MD, MPH General Internal Medicine Emily Sydnor, MD […]

2008 Scholars

Jason Farley, PhD, MPH Nursing Mary Margaret Huizinga, MD, MPH General Internal Medicine Clarissa Jonas, MD Nephrology Mahmoud Malas, MD Vascular Surgery Janet Maynard, MD Rheumatology Saman Nazarian, MD Cardiology Rehan Qayyum, MD General Internal Medicine Cozumel Pruette, MD Pediatric Nephrology Robert Rusher, MD Pulmonary & Critical Care

2007 Scholars

Stephen Berry, MD Infectious Diseases Renee Boss, MD Neonatology Julius Birnbaum, MD Rheumatology Deidra Crews, MD Nephrology Michael Drummond, MD Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Lisa Earnest Ishii, MD Otolarynology Kahled El-Shami, MD Oncology Allison George Agwu, MD Infectious Diseases Madhav Goyal, MD General Internal Medicine Elizabeth Hill, PhD Nursing Rita Kalyani, MD Endocrinology Lisa Mills, MD Infectious Diseases Aaron Milstone, MD Infectious Diseases Timothy Pawlik, MD Surgery Megan Reller, MD Pathology Heather Symons, MD Pediatric Oncology Sarah Szanton, PhD Nursing

2006 Scholars

Patrick Brown, MD Pediatric Oncology Emmanuelle Clerisme-Beaty, MD Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Elizabeth Cristofalo, MD Neonatology Kim Goring, MBBS Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Tracy King, MD General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine Susanna Matsen, MD Surgery Hari Nathan, MD Surgery Dorry Segev, MD Surgery Eun Shin, MD Gastroenterology Stephen Sozio, MD Nephrology Sharon Turban, MD Nephrology George Wang, MD Geriatric Medicine & Gerontology

2005 Scholars

Benjamin Brooke, MD General Surgery Cheryl Dennison, PhD, MSN Nursing Lien Diep, MD, MPH Dermatology Jennifer Dodson, MD Pediatric Urology Kerry Dunbar, MD Gastroenterology Amita Gupta, MD Infectious Diseases Lori Jordan, MD Pediatric Neurology Myaing Nyunt, MD, MPH Clinical Pharmacology John Strouse, MD Pediatric Hematology Richard Ugarte, MD, MHS Nephrology Kimberly Walton Louis, PhD Clinical Psychology

2004 Scholars

Meghan Arnold, MD Pediatric Surgery Rachel Chong, MD Endocrinology Rebecca Gottesman, MD Neurology Jean Wang, MD Gastroenterology

Our Scholars

2016 NAME MEDICAL SPECIALTY Halima Amjad, MD, MPH Gerontology Kelly Bower, PhD, MSN, MPH Community/Public Health Nursing Emily Brigham, MD Pulmonary & Critical Care Ann Parker, MD, MPH Pulmonary & Critical Care Rheanna Platt, MD, MPH Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Nicholas Reed, AuD Otolaryngology Nicole Salazar-Austin, MD Pediatric Infectious Disease Nancy Schoenborn, MD Gerontology   Prior Year Scholars