2021 Henrietta Lacks Memorial Lecture


Each year at the Henrietta Lacks Memorial Lecture, we look forward to presenting you with a thoughtful commentary of the importance of Mrs. Lacks and her contribution to science, as well as an update on our continued strides to honor her legacy.


As we wrap production for this year’s virtual video screening, we invite you to reserve your ticket in advance. You will be contacted once they are released.


Please visit this page for more details, including the date and time of the premier.


To reserve your ticket, contact the planning team by emailing hela@jhmi.edu.


Thank you, Henrietta!

Additional Information:

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The goal of the Henrietta Lacks Memorial Lecture series is to describe the reach and complexity, both biomedically and ethically, of the story of Henrietta Lacks and HeLa cells as well as to provide some insight into the past, present, and future of the conduct of clinical research. By honoring Mrs. Lacks and the positive global impact of HeLa cells through this lecture series, the ICTR hopes to acknowledge, thank and honor everyone who participates in the clinical research process.