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Master Mentor Program: Lunch with Guests and Case Discussions

The Master Mentor program is designed to create cohorts of experienced and well-trained expert mentors of junior faculty who are maximally effective at enhancing the career trajectory of their mentees. These Master Mentors are a resource that can coach and provide counsel to other less-experienced mentors within a department in handling difficult advisor situations and helping faculty develop and enhance interpersonal skills for optimal mentor-mentee interactions. Successful Master Mentors will accelerate the advancement of their mentees and elevate the quality of mentorship throughout their divisions/departments by providing a constant role model of the best mentoring possible.  Each year, Master Mentor … Continue reading

Certified Clinical Research Professionals (CCRP) Exam

The deadline to register for the exam is March 13, 2015. Link to register: https://www.socra.org/certification/ccrp-certification-exam/exam-schedule/

GCP Review Course

Link to register for the prep course: https://www.socra.org/conferences-and-education/live-courses/clinical-research-professional-certification-preparation-and-review-course/program-information/

KL2 Monthly Scholar Meeting

Master Mentor Program: Developing Your Skills to Anticipate and Manage Career Transitions

This workshop supports participants as they develop and practice skills to help mentees navigate career transitions.  Participants will learn to: Initiate and structure discussions about career transitions Stimulate self-reflection in the context of relevant personal goals; Facilitate productive brainstorming;