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ClinicalTrials.gov Program

The ClinicalTrials.gov program will assist investigators to learrn: The ethical, scientific and legal reasons for clinical trials registration and reporting Which trials are required to be registered and the timelines Tips, tricks and helpful content to improve the process The regulations and current performance gaps Resources and assistance available On March 16, 2017 the Program presented an updated ICTR Third Thursday information session incorporating the Final Rule, download the slides, or view the video. You may also find this one-page handout helpful Click the pages below to learn more:

Ask Me About Clinical Research

The Ask Me About Clinical Research campaign, administered by the Study Coordinator Apprenticeship and Mentorship Program (SCAMP), objective is to provide accurate information to anyone with questions about the clinical research process in a central location.  Johns Hopkins’ study team staff members, doctors and study coordinators on both the East Baltimore and Bayview campus that display “Ask Me About Clinical Research” buttons, will distribute information cards that will direct interested people to this web page.  Below you will find detailed resource guide materials and a printable resource guide. We are looking forward to getting staff involved in our campaign to … Continue reading