If I have additional questions that are not covered here, who can I contact?

You are hereby encouraged to contact Gregory Thornton, Program Manager, at gthornton@jhmi.edu or 410-614-3997.

Are KL2 scholars eligible to apply for the NIH Loan Repayment Program?

Absolutely, many KL2 Scholars have successfully applied for the Loan Repayment Program. More information about this program is available at http://www.lrp.nih.gov.

If I accept a position at another institution, may I transfer my KL2 award there?

No, the KL2 is an institutional career development award granted to the Johns Hopkins Institute of Clinical and Translational Research. Awards are non-transferrable. Scholars who leave Johns Hopkins will have their award terminated and will not be able to continue to receive funding from the Clinical Research Scholars program.

Will KL2 Scholars be given office space?

There is limited office space available for KL2 scholars in the program office, based on need and availability.

May I apply if I do not have a faculty appointment yet?

No, a faculty appointment in Medicine, Public Health, Nursing or Engineering is required for the KL2 appointment. If you are currently in your last fellowship year but will be appointed to the faculty on or before July 1, 2015, you will need to submit a letter from the department/division indicating this pending appointment in your application.