Lectures and Presentations

A collection of presentations from previous lectures and events.

Nuts and Bolts of Community Based Participatory Research
April 11, 2014



Chris Heaney
Community Based Participatory Research: What is real?  What is not?

Phyllis Sharps
Implementing a Community Based Research Protocol

Thomas Lynch and Theodora Peters
United in Health and Faith: End of Life Education Program

Crystal Evans
Overview of Community Engagement Program Resources


Community Advisory Board Workshop
October 10, 2013

Nancy E. Kass
Bioethics, Research Ethics, and Community Voice

John D. Groopman
Research 101

Barbara Bates Hopkins
Introduction to Community Research Review


The Nuts and Bolts of Community-Based Participatory Research
April 12, 2013


Definitions and Characteristics of CBPR
Beat the Blues Case Study
Developing Community Advisory Board
Developing Relationships with Community Partners
Community Engaged Research Resources at Johns Hopkins


Effective Communication of Meaningful Data: Innovative Ways of Disseminating Research Findings
December 7, 2012

Ben Peterson, MA


Researcher Recertification Course
April 25, 2012

Darius Tandon, Adrian Mosley, and Inez Robb
Engaging Communities in Research: The Unexpected Rewards of Keeping it Real


The Nuts and Bolts of Community-Based Participatory Research 
January 27, 2012

Richard Matens, M.Div
Developing a Community Advisory Board

Airin Martinez, PhD
Key Issues Getting Started: Issue Selection, Research Design, and Sustainability

Darius Tandon, PhD
Definitions and Characteristics of Community-Based Participatory Research

Hae-ra Han, RN, PhD, FAAN
A Community Partnership to Address Health Disparities

Darius Tandon, PhD
Community Based Particpatory Research Resources List


The Future of Community-Engaged Research
May 3, 2011


Lawrence Green, MPH, DrPh

Frances Phillips, RN, MHA

Marshell Prentice, DD, DHL