Coursework and Activities

Introduction to Community Based Participatory Research: Principles and Methods (410.631.01)

Health Behavior and Society 2nd Term (3 Credits)

Instructors: Janice Bowie and Lee Bone

Description: Introduces students to the fundamental principles of, rationale for, and key considerations in conducting community based participatory research (CBPR). Offers knowledge of and skills in CBPR that emphasize the importance of community inclusion and partnership as a viable approach to constructing and increasing the acceptance of interventions and improving the health and well being of populations.

Graduate Seminar in Community Based Research

Health Behavior and Society 1st-4th Term (1 credit per term, First and Third Tuesdays)

Instructors: Lee Bone and Janice Bowie

Description: Explores faculty community partnership in community based research (CBPR), education, and practice. Seminar topics may include CBPR principles and ethics, coalition and partnership building, implementation, dissemination, translation and sustainability, media and marketing, advocacy, policy, cultural diversity, collaborative grant writing, and publishing. Speakers include faculty, Kellogg scholars, and community patrons. This seminar is open to all divisions in the University and community.